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A single woman's journey as a caregiver to an elderly parent, 5 dogs, a house….and most importantly myself

To Pee Or Not To Pee UPDATE!!!

on September 19, 2013

Well, I have Dog Chow all over my face!!  My poor baby Star, who I slapped that doggie diaper on is NOT the culprit that has been peeing on my floor.  My Mom’s aide caught my elderly dog Sug peeing on the floor.  He has congestive heart failure due to heartworms and takes Lasix, so it’s tough for the old boy to hold his water sometimes.  I adopted him almost two years ago, heartworms and all, because he reminded me of my Cocker Spaniel Twinkie that contracted cancer and I had to put him to sleep.  I felt really guilty when I went home yesterday and the diaper on Sug was sopping wet.  I don’t know what to do…HELP!!  I didn’t give him Lasix this morning just to give him and my Mom’s aide a break from accidents.  I made him go out last night 3 times before bedtime and didn’t wake up to any floods, so I’m hopeful.  If anyone has any ideas for me, PLEASE let me know.

People ask me why I would put myself through adopting a senior dog with health issues, and my response is always, because I had to…it’s who I am. Sug has been with me almost two years, and if in that time I have provided him with love & kisses, comfort, security, good food & treats, and a warm, comfortable place to sleep, then I feel that I have accomplished something important.  If people weren’t so self-absorbed in this world, and would reach out and give a homeless animal love and care, there wouldn’t be nearly as much suffering, and this world would be a much better place.  I’m not saying everyone needs 5 dogs and cats, but just to help one.

This is my Sug boy!  He takes Lasix, Prednasone & Theophilline for coughing.

This is my Sug boy! He takes Lasix, Prednasone & Theophilline for coughing.


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